Expertise is everything

SETIS specifies, develops and integrates most software components involved in electronic payment systems, from specific drivers to full server applications, from proprietary platforms to most PC operating systems, from production systems to certification tools.

With a very focused team of high-level professionals, SETIS is based in São Paulo, Brazil, since 1998.

SETIS was a pioneer in Brazil for developing IC Card solutions, as well as POS applications using DECT, CDPD, GSM, GPRS and 3G technologies. With a strong partnership with all the major international POS providers, allied with its deep know-how in payment solutions, SETIS is by far the leading POS software provider in Brazil.

With an innovative software architecture called POS-Plug, SETIS is able to easily port applications to a wide range of equipment from the major international POS vendors, including Gertec, Ingenico, Newland, PAX and Verifone.

SETIS has accumulated over the years a profound expertise in chip cards, mainly EMV solutions and also proprietary specifications:

  • Development and certification of EMV POS applications for several terminal models.
  • Specification and development of EMV PIN-pad applications and libraries for ECR interface.
  • Development of ICC Libraries for Vending Machines and ATM.
  • Development of VISA Cash solutions, including reloading systems.